The Patentfox™ application Report is our primary product. Each Report is the result of a highly selective process in which we screen all PTO filed patent applications in target technologies. The selectivity of this process is apparent when one considers that Patentfox may post for sale less than 100 Reports in a given year while the PTO is receiving over 500,000 filings a year. The target areas are identified by Patentfox as being evolving, emerging and/or disruptive technologies. A few of the broad core target areas encompassed in Patentfox Reports are: material sciences, medical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, business methods, green energy, energy storage, nanotechnology, nuclear, infotechnology, biotechnology and genetic engineering.

Each Report is composed of one or more PDF files that encompass a first part Invention Summary and the second part File Wrapper Selection. The Invention Summary contains a brief description of the invention, which is a condensed Patentfox edited version of key portions of the application as filed. The File Wrapper Selection contains the application as filed with the PTO, reference lists from both the applicant and PTO, the last Office action by the examiner and last response by applicants attorney, all of which is unedited. It should be noted that Patentfox may review the application, and post a Report, prior to an action by the PTO, in this event, there would, of course, be no action by the examiner or response by the attorney in the report. Patentfox believes that waiting for a PTO action on an application before posting a Report would work to the disadvantage of our primary clients.

In 2009 we initiated the Patentfox Posting. A Posting links current disclosures in scientific and engineering publications with one or more specific related applications pending in the PTO. A Posting gives the same detail of disclosure as the File Wrapper Selection described above. Postings are a very cost effective way of providing clients with in depth, detailed disclosure on advances in leading edge technologies that may not be fully exposed in the published literature.

For a listing of current Reports and Postings with pricing and ordering information we direct your attention to our Home page.