Simulating Quantum Systems with Quantum Computation

A patent application has been filed in the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) entitled, “SIMULATING QUANTUM SYSTEMS WITH QUANTUM COMPUTATION”. An Abstract, Background and Description of said filing follows:


“In some aspects, a quantum simulation method includes generating a set of models representing a quantum system. The set of models includes subsystem models representing respective fragments of the quantum system. The quantum system is simulated by operating the set of models on a computer system that includes a classical processor unit and multiple unentangled quantum processor units (QPUs), and the unentangled QPUs operate the respective subsystem models. In some examples, density matrix embedding theory (DMET) is used to compute an approximate ground state energy for the quantum system.”


“The present disclosure relates to simulating quantum systems with quantum computation. Techniques for simulating quantum systems on a quantum computer have been proposed. For example, the phase estimation algorithm and the variational quantum eigensolver have been proposed for solving electronic structure problems on a quantum computer.”


“In a general aspect of what is described here, a quantum system is simulated. In some instances, quantum computations executed on one or more quantum processor units (QPUs), which may operate in parallel, are used for density matrix embedding calculations. The quantum computations can include, for example, a variational quantum eigensolver (VQE) used in a density matrix embedding theory (DMET) algorithm or another type of simulation. In some instances, a quantum computer can simulate a quantum system whose Hamiltonian has a larger dimension than that which is provided by the number of qubits available to the quantum computer. In some instances, a hybrid computer system can simulate a quantum system whose Hamiltonian has a larger dimension than that which is provided by the number of qubits available to an individual quantum processor unit (QPU) in the hybrid computer system. The systems and techniques described here may have other advantages in some cases.”

This application, or a related application, on the above technology is currently pending in the USPTO. Selected portions taken from the file wrapper of the application, including the last action by the patent examiner, last response by applicants attorney and cited art, may be downloaded directly from Patentfox. This presentation and download will provide the reader with an in depth, current, detailed disclosure on advances in this leading edge technology that may not be fully exposed in other published literature.

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