The Patentfox Team

The PatentFoxSM/TM (“Patentfox”) team is composed of Analysts. All Analysts are former patent examiners. Most Analysts retired from the PTO as Primary Examiners and are therefore experts in their respective technologies. The Analyst reflects years of experience not only in his/her technology but has a clear understanding of how the PTO works and how the examiner thinks. This is a tremendous combined asset of talent and experience that Patentfox brings to the client. Each Analyst is an independent contractor. Patentfox does have Report and Posting format standards which are reviewed prior to a post, but the selection and substance of the work is that of the Analyst.

The Patentfox team is led by Donald P. Walsh. Mr. Walsh is president and founder of Patentfox, a company in the Competitive Technical Intelligence field. He retired from the US Air Force Reserve and the US Patent Office, where he was a Supervisory Primary Examiner. Mr. Walsh is listed as the Primary Examiner on over 5700 patents encompassing diverse technologies ranging from polymer chemistry to nuclear reactor control systems. He has a BS (Chemistry), an MA (Management and Supervision) and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Southern California and graduated from the Senior Executive Fellows (SEF) Program at the Harvard Kennedy School.