Nanoelectrodes Revolutionize Lithium Battery Capacity

MIT researchers have invented and filed a patent application on an enhanced energy storage battery that may revolutionize the utility of electric powered vehicles and portable electronic devices. The invention may increase the power density of a conventional lithium battery by a factor of ten. The patent application relates generally to methods, compositions, articles, and devices associated with layer-by-layer assembly of carbon-based nanostructures. Using the methods described in the patent application formation of carbon-based nanostructure assemblies may be controlled to produce battery structures with significantly enhanced properties. For more detailed disclosure download PatentFox Posting 9366.

A patent application on this invention is currently pending in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The application along with select portions of the file wrapper of the case, including any actions by the patent examiner or response by applicants attorney, may be downloaded directly from PatentFox. This download will provide the reader with an in depth, current, detailed disclosure on advances in this leading edge technology that may not be fully exposed in other published literature.

PatentFox Report No.: 9366
Download File Size: 1 pdf file(s) totaling 5.6MB and about 123 pages.
Download Fee: $20.00 Thank you!

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