Nanotube Arrays for Energy Storage

“Carbon nanotube arrays could be the basis of high-density energy storage devices and efficient chip cooling systems. The performance of such devices, however, depends on the quality of the nanotubes and the precise structure of the array.” More…..

A patent application that is pending in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office relates specifically to the above published article. This patent application along with select portions of the file wrapper of the pending case may be obtained from Patentfox. It will provide the reader with an in depth, detailed disclosure on advances in this leading edge technology that would not be fully exposed in other published literature.

Background information on some of the basic technology addressed or referred to in this Posting is available from Wikipedia.

PatentFox Posting No.: 7648
File size: 1 pdf file(s) totaling 4402 kb and about 125 pages.
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