Optically Controlled Photonic Switch

This patent application relates specifically to photonic circuits. Photonic circuits in which beams of light redirect the flow of other beams of light, are a long-standing goal for developing highly integrated optical communication components. In this application fast, all optical switching of light is provided on silicon, using highly light confining structures to enhance the sensitivity of light to small changes in refractive index. A micro-ring resonator described in this application acts as an ultrafast all-optical compact silicon on chip modulator. Under optical excitation, the structure can be made to be almost completely opaque or transparent, thereby acting as an all optical gate. The device may enable a whole range of new on-chip functionalities, such as all-optical switches, modulators, routers, and tunable filters. It may form the basis for new on-chip architectures in applications involving ultrafast all-optical communication, on-chip interconnect and chip to chip interconnect. It may also provide a way of storing light on a chip. By controlling the gate, light can be trapped and released, enabling electronic free direct modulation and routing of light for fiber optic communication.

Background information on some of the basic technology addressed or referred to in this application is available from Wikipedia.

PatentFox Report No.: 3997
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