What’s Inside the Bloom Box?

The NY Times, 60 minutes and other media have reported on the “Bloom Box” as a significant breakthrough in fuel cell technology. The Silicon Valley company, Bloom Energy, has received about $400 million of venture capital and has over 50 patent applications currently pending in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The company claims the development of a cost effective, durable fuel cell using proprietary materials and technology. So, what’s inside the Bloom Box? PatentFox has been able to identify and isolate one particular patent application out of the 50 that are pending that we believe encompasses the most comprehensive disclosure of the structure and technology that Bloom Energy is using.

The Bloom application relates to Solid Oxide Fuel Cells comprising: a plurality of angularly spaced fuel cell stacks arranged to form a ring-shaped structure about a central axis, each of the fuel cell stacks having a stacking direction extending parallel to the central axis; and an unperforated fuel reformer which is located in a middle of the ring shaped structure and which is surrounded by the fuel cell stacks. For more detailed disclosure download PatentFox Report 6704.

A patent application on this invention is currently pending in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The application along with select portions of the file wrapper of the case, including any actions by the patent examiner or response by applicants attorney, may be downloaded directly from PatentFox. This download will provide the reader with an in depth, current, detailed disclosure on advances in this leading edge technology that may not be fully exposed in other published literature.

PatentFox Report No.: 6704
Download File Size: 1 pdf file(s) totaling 5MB and about 118 pages.
Price: 10.00 USD

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