A Distorted Image for TSA X-Ray Scanning

A security X-ray screening system comprises an X-ray scanner that scans an individual and produces an image signal. An image processor connected to the X-ray scanner receives the image signal and processes the image signal to produce a distorted image of the individual. In one embodiment the image processor stretches, elongates, and/or re-sizes sections of the image signal and produces the distorted image of the individual. For more detailed disclosure download PatentFox Report 2902.

The patent application on this invention is currently pending in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The application along with select portions of the file wrapper of the case, including any actions by the patent examiner or response by applicants attorney, may be downloaded directly from PatentFox. This download will provide the reader with an in depth, current, detailed disclosure on advances in this leading edge technology that may not be fully exposed in other published literature.

PatentFox Report No.: 2902
Download File Size: 1 pdf file(s) totaling 10.2MB and about 251 pages.
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