Enhanced Lithium Based Batteries

“A lithium-ion battery electrode described in the journal Nature can deliver electricity several times faster than other such batteries. It could be particularly useful where rapid power bursts are needed, such as for laser weapons or hybrid race cars.” —More

Patentfox has found a related patent application that is currently pending in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

The application generally encompasses methods of forming small lithium-based compound particle compositions, as well as related particle compositions and structures. Lithium-based compounds, such as lithium metal phosphates (e.g., LiFePO.sub.4) and lithium metal oxides (e.g., LiMnNiO.sub.2), are materials that may be used in electrochemical cells such as batteries. The materials may be processed, for example, to form powders that are used to form electrodes (e.g., anode, cathode) of the cell. There is a desire in the art to improve electrochemical performance in cells including increased charging/discharging rates, increased power density and increased operational lifetime.

This patent application along with select portions of the file wrapper of the pending case, including any actions by the patent examiner or response by applicants attorney, may be obtained from Patentfox. It will provide the reader with an in depth, detailed disclosure on advances in this leading edge technology that may not be fully exposed in other published literature.

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